Roof Painters in Durbanville – Roof Painting Process

Roof Painters in Durbanville – Roof Painting Process. Durbanville Painters in Durbanville, Bellville, Kuils River, Kraaifontein and other nearby towns. We also specialize in Roof Painting and having more than 10 years of Painting experience, we know what a quality roof painting finish should look like.


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Those residential owners who have been living in your own homes for a large number of years may have noticed Roof  fading as years pass by. A great way to give your residence a whole new appearance is simply by painting the roof. Regardless of what type of roof you have whether it be corrugated, tiled etc it can be painted to provide a completely new look. The roof painting process however has to be thorough and well researched in order to provide the greatest results.

Planning for roof painting.

Whichever design your roof is shaped, always make sure you are able to paint the roof in such a way that you do not end up walking in the wet paint during the painting process.

Also, weather is very relevant in relation to roof painting. If you wish to use a airless spray gun, you must avoid doing your roof painting during a windy day. This is to avoid getting the walls of your property overspray by wind. During the rainy season you are risking the paint being washed away. You also need to start painting quite early in the day should you expect exceptionally hot weather later in the day.

Types of paint.

For the result you want to achieve, there are quite a variety of paints from which to choose when considering roof paint.

1. Water based Paints – For cement tiled roofs, water based paints are the best alternative. You should however confirm from the supplier how safe the water collected from the roof would be after painting because in some circumstances, the water would not safe for drinking.

2. Oil based paints – Oil based paints are a good option only if you are collecting rain water from the rooftop. In case you have a classic rusty roof, then oil based paints could be appropriate since the oil may help to controlling the rust. You may also use water based paints for iron roofs provided you treat the rust first or they will re-appear again.

You can include additives like anti-mould to your paint to boost its quality or you can consider heat resistant paints although you will end up spending slightly more on the roof paint. It is worth it though?

Before you start the rooftop painting process always make sure you clean your roof as the initial step. Preparation prior to painting always is pivotal to the success of the painting project.

You can use a high pressure washer to clean the roof the right way. Alternatively, you can use a hose and a brush for scrubbing. This is especially a good option for tiled roofs before the cleaning, utilize chemicals to get rid of fungus.

Finally be cautious about safety while painting to protect yourself from accidents. A number of the precautions you need to take are avoided when working alone. Rather let someone assist you during the roof cleaning and painting process.

Ensure that the ladders you are using is stable and placed against a solid surface. Also make use of protective gear, specifically if you are working at heights or the paint has poisonous elements.

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Topic: Roof Painters in Durbanville – Roof Painting Process

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