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    Roof Painters Durbanville – Bellville, Kuils River, Brackenfell and surrounding areas in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Something as simple as giving your roof a fresh lick of paint can totally transform the look of your entire home. With the large range of colours currently available you can be much more adventurous than what you previously would have been limited to. We provide various professional roof painting and waterproofing services to all Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties. Our Reviews.

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    Painting a roof can vary slightly depending on what material your roof is made of but there is one thing they all have in common and that is they must be cleaned before you apply any paint.

    We deliver Roof Painting Services in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Durbanville area, Bellville, Brackenfell and Kuils River.

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    Roof Painters Durbanville – Roof Painting Preparation

    Before roof painting commences, waterproofing problems are attended to, using different waterproofing products, to address the specific problem.

    As always the first step is usually the most tedious but also the most crucial – preparation! Firstly, we clear away all leaves and loose debris that can end up clogging up your gutters. We remove all dust, fungal or mould and any flaking paint from your roof using a high pressure cleaner. Roof Painters Durbanville.

    Roof Painters Durbanville – Priming the Roof

    With unpainted roofs you will need to prime it first with a suitable primer. Also, when you experience powdery and friable surfaces, apply a bonding liquid first. If your roof looks really bad and just about all the colour has gone then you will need to prime the roof first to ensure proper adhesion of the roof paint.

    Roof Painters Durbanville – Considerations

    Roof paint should offer UV resistance to extend the painted surface and be water based for easy cleaning and short re-coating periods, reducing the time spent on the roof.
    The paint used on your roof needs to be water resistant and heat resistant and should not crack, fade or peel.
    It is important to get the right roof paint for the surface of your roof.
    A roof painting project is best done when it is not too hot or windy. Check the weather forecast, you don’t want to paint your roof if its going to rain and if it is going to be hot. Rather start early in the morning.
    Any roof need two coats of suitable paint, and the choice of colour is up to you but do remember darker colours absorb the heat while light colour reflect the heat.
    Exposed to extremes of climate the roof of a home expands and contracts which results in faded colour, loose tiles and possibly loose cement on ridge caps. Annual inspection and regular maintenance makes sense, and can help prevent spending money on costly future repairs and a roof that is kept in good condition means that your home is protected from the elements.
    As different surfaces affect the spread rate of any paint it is advisable to make sure you purchase the correct amount of paint for your project.
    In order to maintain your roof, experts agree that a roof should be repainted at least every 5 years. South African Sun is hard on the roof tops of most South African Homes. It needs to cope with some heavy sun rays and then there is the issue of the material the roof is constructed from.
    There are a number of options when choosing the correct roof paint and colour to paint your roof with. The final choice of colour and quality of paint is obviously up to you and depends on the budget that you have set aside and need to keep to.

    Prevention is better than cure. That is why inspecting and keeping your roof in a good condition can make a world of difference to a big roof repair bill somewhere down the line. When inspecting your roof, make sure to check for damaged or missing roof tiles, curling, blistering paint or sealant as well as moss or algae growth.

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    Roof Painters Durbanville – Roof Painting Process

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