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Exterior Painters Durbanville – Durbanville Painters is based in Durbanville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. We also cover the Bellville, Kuils River and Kraaifontein areas. We specialize in Exterior Painting and having more than 10 years of Painting experience, we know what a quality painting finish should look like.


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There’s not a single person that would state that painting the outer of one’s house is pointless. In fact, the exterior of the property is the portion of the house that everyone sees. Thus, it only makes sense that one would want the paint to look as awesome as possible. However, many individuals don’t realize just how many different benefits a premium quality exterior painting finish will give. This is a problem, because it results in people not re-painting the exterior as often as it might really need.

When property owners think of exterior painting, they usually tend to think about the aesthetics. This results in only needing a fresh coat of paint once the original coat is showing obvious warning signs of wear. In the end, if exterior paint is only there to help make your home look good, there’s no reason at all to spend the amount of money on getting it repainted unless the paint is looking especially chipped or worn down.

But that’s not the only real reason you need a good coat of top quality exterior paint on your house! When you’re thinking about exterior paint, you should actually think about making sure that your home carries a protective coat. Most people don’t consider paint as a kind of protection, but when it comes to your residence, it absolutely is.

Exterior paint is specially formulated to keep the elements from the material of the home. That is to express, the paint is capable of repelling moisture, which can be vitally important to the longevity of the home itself. Moisture will breakdown nearly anything as time passes, after all, and housing material is not any different. Without that protective coat of paint, water can easily seep in to the walls and wood of the property, causing it to warp and rot.

It’s not only water that exterior paint helps to protect the house from. Exterior paint likewise helps protect the home from sunlight. A number of people don’t think about sunlight as something you need to protect a house from, but it absolutely is. Just like rain causes wood to warp and rot, sunlight as well as heat could cause the wood to dry out and get brittle. Brittle wood breaks far more easily.

Therefore if the exterior paint your home is starting to fade, don’t wait around. You should be getting your house repainted once every number of years, at the minimum. This helps to ensure maximum protection for your residence, which will enable your property to go longer without the need for repair. Getting your house repainted could be costly but less expensive than getting entire parts of your property replaced because of damage from the elements. A house’s protective barrier doesn’t start wearing down when you notice chips and flakes. It wears off much sooner than that. So don’t let your property remain at an increased risk.

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Topic: Exterior Painters Durbanville – Painting Will Safeguard Your Home

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