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Painters in Durbanville – Why hire a professional painter. Based in Durbanville in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, we are a team of professional painters specializing in Residential, Commercial and Industrial painting. We also cover the Bellville, Kuils River and Kraaifontein areas.


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While DIY painting jobs, to save money, may look like an attractive option to many, there are definite pros to hiring a professional painter for your painting project. A painting project is rewarding only when the end result is a perfect painting finish of your interior and exterior walls.

Experience & Painting Finishes

Professional painting contractors hold the benefit of practical experience that reflects in their work. Whenever you employ a professional painting company, you can anticipate a perfectly finished job at all times. You may achieve medium to average finishes with a DIY job but, it cannot compare with an experienced painter’s work. Sometimes, hiring professionals to complete the task is in your best interest.

Tools and Equipment

If you choose to paint you own property, you probably will not have proper tools to achieve a quality painting finish. Professional painters always have the right tools for the job, which helps them getting smooth surfaces and beautiful painting finishes. You will need stepladders or extension ladders, the right brushes, scaffolding in some cases, rollers and other tools for a good paint job. By doing it yourself, you will need to either buy or rent these tools, but still without the proper know-how. You may still not get the same quality or end result than that of professional painters with their experience, expertise and the right paint tools.

Costs Considerations

Painters know how to mix paints the right way and how to calculate the correct paint quantities to finish the project. Also, they will bring their own tools so you don’t need to spend money on buying or renting them. All of these ultimately saves you money in the long run.

DIY paint jobs may save you the initial cost of hiring a professional painter. In the long run however, you can save much more money with a professional at the helm of the painting work. Professional painters do a better job so your paint will last longer and you won’t need to paint your property again in near future.


You can use the most expensive paints and the right technique to paint the surfaces, but if the preperation work is not done right, the paint job won’t look good and even end up spoiling the look of your house. Professional painters know to properly prepare walls, take care of spots and stains, check for mold and mildew, wood rot or priming before applying paint. They will also smooth out a surface so that the paint finish will be more satisfying. Needless to say, for a seasoned painter these steps are simply second nature, but to your homeowner, it really is not the case.

Cleaning Up

Your DIY paint job also includes cleaning up all the mess after each session or else you will end up painting more surfaces that you initially intended at the start. Professional painters make less mess to begin with and always cleanup after the job is done.

Professional painters also do a thorough job of protecting your furniture and other surfaces during the preperation and paint jobs.

Time Considerations

It might not be possible for property owners to tackle DIY painting jobs at a stretch given the demands of the work as well as family responsibilities. Your DIY paint job may take days or even weeks to complete while a professional painter can finish the job in day or two, depending on the amount of work. They’re also committed to getting the job done right the first time, giving you a complete and professional finish.

Lastly, hiring professional painters may actually save you money and time. For those who have a deadline or a hectic schedule, such a big project can interfere with your daily routine. You may end up rushing to complete the job or waste money testing out tools and various paint types. As discussed, finishing an ideal paint job is not such an easy task for a novice, which explains why you must let the professionals look after it!

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